Civil Defence Recruitment 2019

In anticipation to the upcoming 2019 Civil Defence Recruitment Excercise, all interested candidates are required to know all it takes to join the force Nigerian Civil Defence (NSCDC)or get acquainted with the requirements for 2019 Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps 


The Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) is a para-military institution of the Government of the Federal Republic of Nigeria that is instructed to take action against threats and any form of attack or disaster against the nation and its citizens.
The Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps were first introduced in May 1967 during the Nigerian civil warin the then Federal Capital Territory of Lagos with the aim of raising awareness and protecting the civilian population. It was then known as the Lagos Civil Defense Committee.
It later changed to the current Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps in 1970. Initially, the Corps aimed to conduct some educational and enlightenment campaigns in and around the federal capital of Lagos, to make members of the civilian population susceptible to enemy attacks. and how to save themselves from the danger like most Nigerians living in and around the territory of Lagos, then they had little or no knowledge about war and its implications.
Committee members felt it was important to learn how to guide themselves through the air and bomb attacks, identify bombs and dive into ditches during a bomb explosion through electronic and print media.
In 1984 the corps was transformed into national security equipment and in 1988 there was a major restructuring of the corps that led to the establishment of commandos throughout the Federation, including Abuja, and the addition of special functions by the federal government.
Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has appointed Abdullahi Muhammadu as the new commander-general of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps.

Civil Defence Recruitment: Ranks

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps also have ranks such as those of the Nigerian army and police. They also have command structures of both officers and non-commissioned officers; the lowest rank is that of the Assistant Cadet, while the highest rank is that of the Commander General.
They have both the Cadre and the Superintendent Cadre. The salary structure of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps is based on the rank of the individual officer, just as it is obtained in almost all military and paramilitary organizations in Nigeria.
The salary is also based on the certificate with which the individual is given an appointment.
Take a look at the hierarchical structure of the Nigerian Civil Defence Rank!
  • Level 3-5 – Assistant Cadre; this is the lowest cadre in the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps.
  • Level 6-12 – Inspectorate Cadre;
  • Level 8 – Assistant Superintendent Cadre I;
  • Level 9 – Assistant Superintendent Cadre II;
  • Level 10 – Deputy Superintendent Cadre;
  • Level 11 – Superintendent Cadre;
  • Level 12 – Chief Superintendent Cadre;
  • Level 13 – Assistant Commander;
  • Level 14 – Deputy Commander;
  • Level 15 – Chief Commander;
  • Level 16 – Assistant Commander General;
  • Level 17 – Deputy Commandant General;
  • Level 18 – Commandant General.
If the individual is a graduate, he is placed at Level 8.
An HND holder, on the other hand, is placed on Level 7.
If the individual is a medical doctor, he is placed on level 12.
A lawyer, on the other hand, is placed on level 9.
A master’s degree holder is placed on level 9.

Civil Defence Recruitment: Salaries

An officer of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps at level 8, step 1, would belong to the Assistant Superintendent framework and such a person will be paid up to N121,000 per month. An Inspectorate Cadre that is placed on Level 7, on the other hand, is paid around N69,000 per month.

Civil Defence General Recruitment requirements

  • Applicants must be of Nigerian nationality by nationalization or by birth.
  • Applicants may not be between 18 and 35 years old.
  • Male applicants may not be less than 1.7 meters and female applicants may not be less than 1.64 meters.
  • Applicants must be fully and medically fit and must not have medical conditions related to vision, hearing, stuttering, flatfoot, tattoos, etc. In addition, applicants have never undergone major orthopedic surgery.
  • In addition, applicants must be able to offer good health.

How do you apply for Civil Defence Recruitment

Once registration starts, you can register online.
  • Visit NSCDS with the official website: or recruitment portal:
  • Then click on the link to the register.
  • Complete and view all online forms that you have received to prevent errors. Then submit your application.
  • Print all forms that you have received as proof of registration.
  • Complete all forms that must be completed offline.

Civil Defence Recruitment: Portal

During registration with NSCDC, all registrations and information retrieval must be done in one of the aforementioned NSCDC portals;
Candidates must visit the official website and then log in to the application portal.

Civil Defence Recruitment in progress for 2019?

Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps The recruitment form for 2019/2020 is not yet known. Continue to visit this page for the latest update 2019 of the Civil Protection news. Only candidates with the required requirements are eligible to write the exams.

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